With many of the appliances in your working kitchen employed in constant use, day in, day out, even with a regimental cleaning and maintenance regime, part failure may occur - reducing your kitchens performance, or worse, closing it entirely!

At KCS, we truly understand the pressures of running a catering kitchen (we've been there!) so you can rest assured that in the event of a breakdown call out, we'll do our best to process your request as quickly and safely as possible. We can also offer a 2 hour response if required.

When placing a breakdown call - having the following details ready will expedite the response:
- Your business name, address and post code.
- A contact name and telephone number.
- The type of appliance at fault, its manufacturer name and model number (if possible).
- The nature of the fault. (i.e. not lighting, not cooling, won't start etc) - please be as specific as possible.
- Let us know if there is any immediate danger to those operating on or near the affected appliance.
- At what time we can gain access to the equipment.
- Is response required within four hours for this breakdown call.

Non-Contract Customers
Payment card details will be required for any non-contract customer breakdown call outs - so please also have payment details ready.

Avoid breakdowns altogether!
Are you doing everything you can to prevent breakdowns? It sounds obvious, but a little application of 'good practice' is the best way to minimising the chance of appliance failures, ensuring your kitchen remains as efficient, productive and profitable as possible.