• We have 11 fully equipped sign written service vans that allow our Engineers to complete most given tasks promptly and efficiently. We also have trainees and assistants who support our main engineers and they join each other to deliver spares and to provide assistance. Our engineers are equipped with iPads so that they can create instant electronic worksheets to be sent to our office, and they are also equipped with smart phones for immediate parts identification and for keeping in regular touch with our office and warehouse staff.

    We pride ourselves on the speed of our turnarounds for repairs, and we very rarely say no to customers. If parts are not in stock at our warehouse and are not available locally, then we try to ensure that next day repair is aimed for. We have good long-standing relationship with most suppliers and manufacturers but try to keep manufacturers with some longevity. We try to stick with the proven marks that provide quality back up service as we are aware of the many brands that are short sighted in their approach.

    We continually strive to provide equal partnership with all our customers by being a service – orientated company. We aim to work with the speed and personal touch of a local company and embody the skills and experience of a far-reaching organisation to make sure that all our customers receive consistently high quality service.

  • We are also able to offer the removal and refurbishment of equipment from your kitchen, along with the supply and installation of new or reconditioned equipment for your kitchen. We are also able to offer like-for-like equipment from the following Catering Manufacturers:

    * Blue Seal
    * Falcon
    * Foster
    * Hobart
    * Lincat
    * Rational

    For your peace of mind, equipment can be safely stored in our warehouse ready for re-installation on the required date. Alternatively, we can dispose of old kitchen equipment for you.

    All water, gas and electrical points are isolated/capped off once equipment is decommissioned.