• Preventative Maintenance Assessments (PMA’s) are the annual servicing and inspection of commercial catering appliances to make sure that everything is in working order and to identify any potential problems.

    Wear and tear from regular use can have a negative effect on any machine, and problems left unattended could lead to loss in efficiency and eventually suffer a breakdown. Making adjustments and repairs to commercial catering equipment where needed ensures that you are compliant with regulatory standards.

    Our Preventative Maintenance Assessment’s include:

    Component checks
    – all components and parts are examined to make sure they are working properly and are in good working condition.

    Water pressure and drainage checks
    – ensuring that water is flowing properly without any unnecessary wastage.

    Health and safety
    – machine safety checks are carried out and fully certified.

    PAT testing
    – any portable electrical appliances attached to your equipment are checked to ensure they are compliant

    Our engineers will carry out the servicing of all appliances on schedule; as per manufacturers instructions and good practice, and offer advice and quotations for all recommended repairs/maintenance. They will supply you with attendance boxes for each kitchen with all relevant information enclosed. They will supply you with all relevant equipment documentation and asset lists along with identification numbers given to all appliances.